Our Staff

We have a wonderful staff of caring individuals that can help you with so many of your animal care needs.  The large animal staff works the haul-in facilities and travel with the vets on the road. The small animal staff receives patients for appointments, emergencies, and surgeries. They also care for hospitalized patients and boarding animals. They are well trained in animal care and preventative medicine.
The receptionists have the difficult job of coordinating both the large animal ambulatory schedule and the small animal appointment schedule.  They entertain all sorts of questions from phone calls and customers that come in. We are one of the few practices left that bravely combine the health care of both large and small animals in one convenient place! 
We also participate in education of veterinary students from all over the southeast. In the spring you may meet an intern from Auburn that is finishing their clinical training here at our practice.  At other times we may have externs from the University of Tennessee or Auburn. We see such a diverse range of animals that veterinary students can learn a variety of skills in a short amount of time!
From left to right:
Anna Durham, Gina Moore, Jessica Moore, Leiane Reynolds, Alison Schmidt, Maggie Emick

Large Animal Staff
From left to right:
Shane Lee , Ricky Buchanan
Not pictured: Jason Polk, Michael Crabtree , Mason Coble

Small Animal Staff
From left to right:
Ashley Hoots, Dre Divens, Alyssa Quesnel, Kaylan, Dena Metcalf, LVT, Kenzie Mitchell, Jeannette Lewis, Laura Peirce, Angie Moore, LVT.

Licensed Veterinary Technicians

Dena Metcalf, LVT.

Angie Moore, LVT.