To better protect our clients and staff, we are going back to asking clients to remain in their vehicles and call the office with your needs and check in for appointments, drop offs, and surgeries.

When arriving to the office, please remain in your vehicles. Then call the office at 433-1202. You will be given further instructions at that point.

When you are asked to bring your pets to the foyer, please place them in the cage provided and return to your vehicle.

If you are an appointment, you will have your pet’s findings discussed over the phone and you will be checked out as well.

Once checked out your pet will be placed in the provided cage and you can return to get them. All medication refills and food items may be called in over the phone and checked out. We will meet you at the door.

We are requesting all clients to please wear a mask when meeting any of our staff members at the door.

Our LARGE ANIMAL clients we are requesting you to wear a mask when coming in to pay. We will no longer be receiving small animal emergencies. A doctor will be available by phone for consultation only until 9:00 pm. Emergency clinic phone numbers and addresses are provided on the clinic door and website.